Niko Givanio

Filmmaker. Storyteller. Content Creator.

Nicholas was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. where he resides , Being of Greek and Italian heritage, Nicholas is naturally drawn to the arts and drama. From an early age, his family instilled in him the importance and value of the arts in society. His exposure to a wide variety of cultural events in the fields of music, theater, dance, and art, has given him a global perspective of the world, and shaped the passionate, idealistic and caring person that he is. The eldest of five brothers and a sister, he is affectionately known as the doting "big brother" in the family.


Nicholas has a friendly, outgoing and charismatic personality, naturally drawing people to him. An entertainer at heart, he loves to make people happy. These traits have served him well in school, business, sports and now the entertainment industry. A natural athlete, he was a star quarterback for his football team in high school, learning the valuable lessons associated with teamwork and becoming a leader. He attributes these experiences to his positive outlook on life and believes that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


In 2008, fate led him to pursue his long-time writing/producing and acting aspirations for a television and motion picture career. He has since starred in music videos for Virgin Music Company's band Saving Abel, national commercials for EA Sports and Playstation, runways -LA Fashion Week, advertisements for Hugo Boss, stage-LA Opera- Placido Domingos’ World Premier “Il Postino”, television shows such as CBS’S NCIS LA, NBC’S Chuck, and NBC’S Outlaw and several motion pictures. Starred in the hit Television show Freelancers The Series on Regional California PBS -KVCR. In 2012 he took the blank page and wrote his first screenplay feature film trilogy , "Johnny Games", along with creating his own production company "Charlie Boy Productions". More projects have been written and are in current development stages. In March 2014 he launched a partnering company: Givanio Films, that deals specificaly with all Nicholas's own creative work and films. In late 2014 Nicholas created Brew Talk TV and its flagship show Brew Talk which he produces and hosts.The newest company he has formed in 2019 is Film Gypsy . It brings global protectives and diverse partners.


Nicholas' charisma on camera and willingness to do anything to create a character, is leading him to realize his goal of being one of Hollywood's leading young entrepreneurial stars.


Nicholas is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and is an avid extreme sports nut and vegetarian. He is well versed in many forms of unarmed and armed combat and trains daily at a high level of all mixed martial arts along with practicing Eskrima. He keeps himself centered by surfing, playing his guitar and composing music and writing lyrics. His constant companion was his beloved beagle, Charlie, who passed away late in 2012. Nicholas dedicated the name, idea and spirit of his production company to his beloved canine-thus, "Charlie" Boy Productions. Nicholas finds joy spending time with his young daughter Gaia Jade.


Best Short Film



Action Short Film

Best Sci-Fi Short Film



LA Shorts Awards

2019 Violet Rain Winner Best Short Film.

NYC Indie Film Awards

2019 Violet Rain Winner Best Short Film.


Queen Palm International Film Festival

2019 Violet Rain Winner Best Action Short Film and Best Producer.

South Film and Arts Academy Festival

2019 Violet Rain Winner Best Sci-Fi Short Film.


Best Shorts Awards

2019 Violet Rain Winner Best Short Film.

Accolade Competition

2019 Violet Rain Winner Best Short Film.